Inside Davido's Expensive Mansion In Banana Island


David Adeleke popularly known as Davido is a Nigerian musician and son of the Nigerian Billionaire, Adedeji Adeleke. Davido who's also known as OBO truly loves classic things, his luxury lifestyle will make you believe that he love good things. His house is located in one of the most beautiful and secured places in Lagos, Banana Island. Banana Island is definitely a place where rich people dwells, top Nigerian Business men and rich people lives in this place and talking about the most beautiful houses in Lagos, Davido's house is definitely among these houses.

Davido's magnificent mansion was built by Sijumoto Construction and this building is called The Guliano De Merci.

This building contain 5 different bedrooms, the exterior and Interior of this house will make you appreciate the usefulness of money.

These pictures were extracted from the video tour of Davido's house made by Tayo Aina on YouTube.


This building is very wide and tall painted with a white paint and it is located in one of the most serene areas in Banana Island.

Electronic Gate: This kind of gate does not need a Gateman because it can be controlled with a remote.

Pool Area: The beautiful pool is located beside the building in the compound.

Entrance: The doors used in this house are strong doors and there is a part inside the house where you just need to enter the elevator and it will take you up to any floor you're going to. An elevator is not something you can commonly find in any house except in companies, industries, malls etc but you find find an elevator is Davido's house so you don't need to stress yourself climbing staircase.


The main living of this house which is located downstairs is that beautiful place where Davido would receive his visitors. The living room is very roomy and well furnished, the curtains in the window are automatic, you can open and close the window with a remote.

The dining area is also looking so beautiful and perfect, the dining chairs are made by Bentley. Look closer to the logo crested on the chair, you'd see that it a Bentley logo.

The kitchen is another beautiful place in this house, the spiral chandelier is another item in this kitchen that makes it look so beautiful. The refrigerator, cooker, the furniture and every other things in this kitchen are just so perfect and they blend with the colour of the kitchen.

There's another living room but this is a smaller than the other one where he'd receive visitors. This small living room maybe that place he'd love to chill and have some nice time and get intimate with his son, Ifeanyi and his other beautiful daughters.

The guest toilet is also looking so beautiful, you will just need to press a button to flush in this toilet, that's amazing right?

Davido's master's bedroom is another beautiful room in this house, it is very roomy and quite comfortable with an extension of a sitting area. The curtains is also automatic, it can be controlled with a remote and opening the curtain will give you a glance of how the Island look like right from the bedroom.

This master's bedroom also have a walk in closet and thus is the place where Davido will be keeping his expensive clothes, jewelries and footwears.

The toilet in the master's bedroom is also very beautiful, the mirror, water closet and every other thing in this toilet is definitely perfect and beautiful.

Here are some pictures of the second room which also has a walk in closet and toilet:

Here are some pictures of the third room below:

Here are some pictures of the fourth room below:

Here is some pictures of the fifth room which is the guest room.

This house is just like a paradise, you wouldn't want to leave if you spend some days in this house. Please do well to share your thoughts about this beautiful building on the comment section below.