How to tell that you are strongly attracted towards someone


1. Your heartbeat raises when close to each other.

Your heart rate pick up a few notches whenever this person is around. You hear the thumping and feel it in your chest reverberating around your entire body. This is a sign that you want to take things to another level with this person. The attraction is super strong.

2. You notice your palms are sweaty when together.

You get sweaty palms whenever this person is around. This the body's natural nervous response but it is also linked with attraction. There is a very fine line between the two feelings. If you are noticing that your hands become somewhat sweaty whenever this person pops into your space, that is one of the firm signs of strong physical attraction.

3. You feel nervous when talking to each other.

If you notice butterflies in your stomach and a strange feeling of nervousness for no reason, that is your body telling you that it wants this other person and not in a pure way. You have a true physical attraction to this other person. These nerves are your body’s fight or flight response kicking in.

4. Your lips become dry.

You notice that your mouth and lips go dry and you instinctively lick your lips. If you are doing this while looking at the other person, you are leaving them in no doubt about what you are thinking as this is one of the biggest signs of strong physical attraction and the other person cannot help but notice.

6. You cannot get your words out.

You stumer around this person, suddenly becoming shy and start blushing. You could be the most confident person in the world but whenever this person is around, you turn into a bumbling mess. This can be a sign of true physical attraction, because you are worried they can somehow read your mind and they know about the thoughts you are having.


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