SRD 350 status is still pending check here to know what it means and what to do.

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Anyone who is applying for the 350 visa while also having another source of income will have their application dismissed.

You found out that there are people who are not working but who did not accept employment in a number of different situations. Remember that the database does not lie; it will always show your past, regardless of whether you have worked before or not. This is the case even if you have never worked before. Sometimes, when employees leave other organizations, the companies forget to delete their information from their databases. This can be embarrassing for the former employees. There will be an issue if you try to apply for the 350 grant because it will keep telling you that you are a registered UIF participant. This will prevent you from applying.

This is a serious wrong that must not be overlooked and must be stopped immediately. Someone told me that he had been turned down for a loan because he had another source of income, and he said that he received R600 from his grandmother every month to pay for electricity and services, but that amount had dropped to R400 due to the fact that it was winter, and that the rest of the money was used to send his family to school. This information was given to me by someone who told me that he had been turned down for a loan.

Those of you who have not been compensated as of yet, I will pray that you are successful in having God hear and answer your supplications. Praying and checking in on the Sassa to see how things are doing for you are the two most important things you can do right now.


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