Names used by musicians doesn’t have any impact on their brand – Yaa Pono insists

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Names utilized by artists doesn't have any effect on their image – Yaa Pono demands 

'Gbee Nabu' hitmaker, Yaa Pono conceived Solomon Adu Antwi has uncovered that the different names utilized by performers doesn't generally influence their image since the craftsmanship is the thing that individuals are centered around and not the significance behind the names they use. 

"God help us my name hasn't influenced me in at any rate. I was even the brand represetative for my wager. So I don't imagine that comes in on the grounds that the craftsmanship is the thing that individuals need not really your name. The impact that you can give the individuals is the thing that they need not the name." He said. 

To support his conclusion, Yaa Pono referenced a great deal of names in the music business and uncovered that the vast majority of the names that are flowing are essentially to recognize the artiste dependent on the class of music they do. 

He proceeded "In light of the fact that Obrafour implies a killer, Spasm Tac we don't have a clue about the importance, Premature birth is something different, Chief Planet is even an animation which isn't even fitting to utilize, Ninja man isn't a ninja and Elephant man isn't an elephant." 

Yaa Pono was asked by Amansan Krakye in a restrictive meeting on GBC Radio Focal observed by, what sway a name of an artist play in the profession of the showbiz character. 

He commented "They all speak to something and how we do our music. The sort of music that you do will decide the sort of name you'll utilize. The way that you depict that name doesn't imply that is your actual character."

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