The School Girl Maybe Was “Chopped” Forcibly By A Male Teacher Or Student- Kofi Apkaloo.


It is very sad to be alone bothered by a particular issue and find no one to talk to. No one to hear your cry, no one to come to your defense. Leaving you alone with your depressing thoughts. Depression they say can kill. May God not put us in such situation whereby we may think about killing ourself in other to get rid of such awful feelings. Why am I saying this?

Accounts from a girl in the same school as Leticia kyere Pinanmang stated that, the girl looked moody earlier that day when she was found dead for allegedly hanging herself. She maybe was having some undiscussed issues bothering that may have led her to such event.

However the mother and a sister of Leticia have come out with a video saying that the beloved was killed rather than committing suicide with some explanations.

The Flag-bearer of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) Kofi Akpaloo have shared his thoughts about the case. He when asked if his thoughts said that the girl looked too innocent to carry out such activity by herself.

He added that, In is point of view, he thinks the girl was maybe abused by a male teacher or student sexually and was afraid the girl might expose him. He therefore (still on his point of view) killed the girl and placed her in such appearance to look like she did it herself.

Let us take Kofi Apkaloo’s thought to be true, why should someone do such a thing to a lovely beautiful girl like her? You were afraid you’d be exposed by her for sexual assault then why did you do that in the first place?