"Football with fans will be back soon," said UEFA chief

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UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin is confident that "good old football with fans will be back very soon" despite the chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Domestic and continental club competitions were discontinued across Europe in mid-March due to the COVID-19 crisis and the Euro 2020 was postponed.

The Bundesliga returned successfully behind closed doors at the weekend, and many other leagues are preparing to resume in front of empty stands. Ceferin is sure that the situation will improve soon.

When asked if he would bet a million dollars that Euro 2020 would be played in 2021, the head of the European Football Association told the Guardian: "Yes, I would. I don't know why it isn't.

"I don't think this virus will last forever. I think it will change sooner than many think.

"I don't like this apocalyptic view that we have to wait for the second and third waves, or even a fifth wave."

Ceferin said football would follow the authorities' recommendations, but was optimistic that normal service could resume in the near future.

"Personally, I'm absolutely sure that good old football with fans will be back very soon," he said.

And Ceferin said he didn't expect the game to be fundamentally changed by the corona virus.

"Football hasn't changed after World War II or World War I, and it won't change because of a virus," he said.

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