B/R: Rubber Plant (Powiee) Business Has Started In Bono Region


Bono Region is endowed with many crops cultivation throughout the seasons of the year.

Some popular crops are grouped as tubers, cereals, root, vegetables and fruits which are serving mankind and animals as food.

Others are also described as cash crops. Some common cash crops found in the region are cocoa, cashew, mango, orange, "atweadea", oil palm and few coffee and coconut. These cash crops produce fruits that are useful to both humans and animals domestically and they are also processed to form diverse products for both local consumption and export puposes.

Recently one important plant that is not edible by human, that is, 'rubber' has been spotted thriving well in Bono region of Ghana, precisely in Dormaa Communities.

According to investigation by the media reporting, rubber plant is commonly planted and thrived well in Ghana in the Western Region. But now, farmers in Bono region have tested the growing of the plant and it is actually thriving well than that of Western region of Ghana.

A mechanic who doubles as a crop farmer shared his experience about the plant in Bono region. According to the the farmer, Mr. Kwadwo Kyeremeh Stephen, he visited one of the rubber plantations in Tarkoradi in Western region and had experiences about the rubber plant cultivation. He then informed the executives of the plantation about the situation of crops like cocoa and cashew in Dormaa communities. The executives of the rubber plantation followed him to test the lands of Dormaa and the result was positive for growing of the rubber plant.

He said, the rubber plantation executives assured him to organize some farmers for starting the plantation on Dormaa lands. They started and according to his leaders from Tarkoradi, the Dormaa plantation will be ready for tapping the rubber fluid or latex in 6 years period while that of the Tarkoradi always mature in 7 years period. This confirms that, the Bono lands are good for rubber plantation.

In addition, the buyers are ready and available to educate farmers on all the agro-cultural practices of the rubber plantation and supply them with seedlings so they always get good yield.

He therefore encourages all crop farmers to put a try with only 5 acres of land now because after the plant matures in 6 years period, the tapping processes are done every month and with field of 5 acres, a farmer could earn about Ghc2000.00 every month.

The plant is wonderful and so important in our economy because all plastic or rubber products like tyres, plastic containers and others are derived or made from rubber plant.

(The Voice )

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