God: The Difference Between Faith And Hope.


In our christian walk as believers, there reaches a time when we need something from God. It is not necessarily that one must be saved to receive anything from God, but anyone with a little faith can always receive anything from God.

Now, what is faith then? Let me not answer that for now. Instead I want to focus on something you never know that has spelt doom to your asking from God before you even open your mouth. It is called hope.


Now, hope is primarily based on expectations. It is supported by words like: will, can and may.

Any time you plan to pray or ask God for anything and you say in your heart that I know that if I approach God on this issue, he "will" answer me, my friend, your prayers have failed before you have even started. Simply because the word "will" in only applicable where the subject is hope.

We hope for a promise. And we are promised only one thing - Eternal life. The rest including your personal needs have already been released to you.


Faith on the other hand is based on the past. This means that it is supported by a past tense: it was done. Jesus says so in (Mk.11:24) where he says:

"...I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you have received it, it will be your..."

But here is the problem most people have. Majority of the people who ask do not based their asking in the word of God. Get this right, your belief in getting it must be based on the word of God. For in (Jer.1:12), God says:

"...I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled..."

So if your asking is not supported by the word of God which is truth, your asking will automatically be a miss. It is like money. You cannot go to a shopkeeper basing you getting sugar on hope. You must have money. The shopkeeper sees the money then gives you sugar.

In this case, the word is the spiritual cash that God sees to act according to what Jeremiah has said. Let me give you an example:


When you are sick, the first thing to do is to claim the word of God for your sickness. Why? Because the word of God is the truth according to (Jn.17:17) for it is written:

"...Teach them your word, which is truth..."

The word to claim must be a fact, not hope. In (Isa.53:5) we are told:

"...By his wounds we are healed..."

This is a fact. It is the truth. It not what you hope to get. You already have it. It was done 2700yrs ago at the cross.

So, this is what you need to do. Reckon that you were healed by the stripes of Jesus. This is because God is telling you so in his word. And his word is the truth. It is a fact. So, that God for healing you.

Therefore, declare to Satan that all the pains, whatever it is he is bringing your way are all lies. My friend, you will be okay within seconds. Be blessed.

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