Seven Items That Make Up Kanye West's Wealth Portfolio

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American rapper, Kanye West has been announced as the wealthiest Black American with $6.6 billion in net worth.

According to investment bank UBS Group AG, who made the new evaluations and announcement, the Grammy-winning artiste has become the third wealthiest celeb in the world, behind Steven Spielberg ($7 billion) and George Lucas ($10 billion).

Below are items in his wealth portfolio:

1.His business, Yeezy, which produces sneakers and apparel is where the bulk of his wealth resides. He owns Yeezy 100 per cent.

2.Yeezy, which is now in partnership with Adidas AG and Gap Inc. is valued between $3.2 billion and $4.7 billion.

3.The value of the new Gap collaboration with Yeezy, which is scheduled to hit stores this year, "could be worth as much as $970 million of that total," Bloomberg reported, citing the investment bank estimate.

4.According to the UBS, Kanye personally netted $191 million in royalties from his 2020 operations.

5.According to reports, the "Famous" rapper also has $122 million in cash and stock. 

6.He has $110 million from his music catalogue.

7.West has $1.7 billion in other assets, including estranged wife Kim Kardashian's SKIMS business.

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