Top 5 Premier League's Defenders with the most Assists provided this season


We are used to midfielders creating and providing assists for the forwards to score, but these defenders have shown that they can assist and still defend.

5. Luke Shaw.

Luke Shaw plays for Manchester United and England national team as a left back. He has played 32 matches for Manchester United and has been able to score only 1 goal and provide 5 assists.

4. Andy Robertson.

Robertson plays for Scotland and Liverpool as a left back. He has played 37 matches for Liverpool and has scored 1 goal and provided 7 assists in 37 matches.

3. Trent Alexander Arnold

Besides winning the young player of the season for 2019/2020 season. Arnold continues to display top performance on the pitch. This season Arnold has scored 2 goals and has provided 7 assists in 35 matches.

2. Lucas Digne.

Lucas Digne plays for France national team and Everton as a left back. He has only played 29 matches for Everton and has provided 7 assists.

1. Aaron William.

Aaron is leading the list of defenders who have provided the most assists in the Premier League. He plays for England and West Ham United as a left back. He hasn't been able to score, but he has provided 8 assists in 35 matches.