"I Quit" Tangatanga MP Declares His 2022 Plan After DP Ruto Visit As Governor Mvurya skips DP Event


Deputy president William Ruto has intensified his Presidential Campaigns in Coast Region in effort to dislodge ODM leader Raila Odinga From the Grip after enjoying support From Residents of Pwani For Decades.

The second in command has already won key Allies including MPs Aishwa Jumwa, Feisal Badder, Mohammed Ali, Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar And Many More.

Last weekend Both big wings camped in Coast as Ruto toured Kwale, Kilifi and Mombasa Counties. Surprisingly Governor Salim Mvurya skipped the Event citing that he Was not invited. He played a Key role in delivering Msambweni victory To Hustler Nation.

People's Daily Publication indicates that He Was in Ramisi Ward alongside his deputy. The Same source has Revealed that Tangatanga MP Khatib Mwashetani has withdrawn from Kwale Gubernatorial race and has decided to back Engineer Lungazi.

Additionally, He'll not be contesting for any elective seat rather he'll focus on Campaigning for DP Ruto as Region's Coordinator.

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