Checkout 3 of the uncontacted tribes in the world


Despite the fact that part of the world have been discovered and brought up to civilization. There are still a few yet to be discovered and contacted. Some of these uncontacted tribes are listed below.


They are located in the western Amazon of Brazil, they were once referred to as clubbers. The discovery team described them as an aggressive tribe who are hunters. Their main tool for hunting is club and poisoned darts. After discovering them census workers were sent there to collect data of the tribe but they were all killed.



The Peru Ministry of Environment in the year 2011 dropped a video indicating a tribe unknown to mankind along the Manu River. All attempt to reach them proved deadly. Since then the government has banned contact, as the tribe has been isolated.


They were located on an island called North Sentinelese, in the Bengal bay. They are one of the uncontacted tribes outside South America. They had made some little advancement in terms of producing fire, fishing and coconuts. Many have tried to contact them but they are always met with armed fierce resistance on the shore of the beach.


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