Kenyan Health Workers Welcomed Back After Being Send To Seychelles For Covid-19 Pandemic Assistance


CS Health Mutahi Kagwe when he met with health care workers who had been on a mission in Seychelles to assist in the fight against Covid-19 at the request of Seychelles President Danny Faure. The request was accepted by President Uhuru Kenyatta which saw the health care workers leave the country in May last year. They were welcomed warmly for making Kenya a recognised country.


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Latter on,the minister of health Mutahi Kagwe commenced on the Country's Covid-19 and came up with it's briefings.

Ministry of health thank the health workers on the good job they done,they had provided Kenya with a strong spiritual caurage to believe and trust on themselves.

Together with the helping hand of our Kenyan president hon.Uhuru Kenyatta,by giving a go ahead to the health workers to proceed to other countries for assisting them for the hard times of Covid-19 virus pandemic.Kenya is now considered among the Aid country.

Latter,the ministry of health has commented that every individual should be given a prevention dose for Covid-19 in the whole Country for free.No payments should be conducted,anyone who is found giving a dose for payment will be arrested.