Family of the JHS3 student who died during school hours demand answers from the Atomic 1&2 teachers.


It was reported last week friday 29 may 2021 that a JHS 3 student Elizabeth Ofosu Agyemang who attends school at Atomic MA 1&2 have collapsed and died during school hours.

The teachers explained that two students was fighting and Elizabeth wanted to separate them which in the process collapsed and led to her death .

But the family of the JHS 3 student said they need more explanation because they dont understand what the teachers told them that she was separating fight and collapsed in the process and died and therefore demand answers from the school.

As at now the teachers in the school are all quite to explain what really happened that led to her death in the school

Still following the story so will get to the root of the story and be updated.

Source:Adom tv

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