"I want my life back" - Bobrisky Cries Out After Plastic Surgery.


Idris Okuneye is a 28-year-old crossdresser popularly known as Bobrisky has expressed his dissatisfaction with the negative effects of the cosmetic surgery he allegedly had recently.

Bobrisky said he went for plastic surgery to look more feminine but she can't bear the consequences she lamented. He said he has been sleeping in one position for a while and her housemaid is the one who is currently helping through these hard times.

She expressed gratitude to his maid for being by her said as she wrote the following statement on a Snapchat page:

“I’m sorry I have been off here lately!!! I’m in pain… 360 lipo is damn painful. I want my life back. My stomach is so hurt. My back is gone. I can’t hold the (sic) no more.

“The worst of all is sleeping in one position all day…

“Thanks to my house girl (Rita) for always rubbing my back at night. I love you for supporting me with this journey. I thought I was dying. The pain is out of this world.”

He said he wants his life back as he has been sleeping in a single position for quite a long time and the pain she described as "out of this world".

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