'War to Continue?' Karen Nyamu Might Not Call It Quit As She Says This


The story of Kikuyu singer Samidoh fathering a child with the city lawyer Karen Nyamu is no longer a secret after the revelations that happened today. As posted by Ms. Nyamu on her Facebook page a few minutes ago, she has confirmed that she will talk to comedian Jalango' and has encouraged her fans to tune in.

Her caption, however, has brought a lot of mixed reactions from her fans. Some are telling her to play low with the issue of Samidoh being her baby daddy while others are encouraging her to go on and fight for her rights.

She has even replied to one of the Facebook users identified as Vero Muraya who said that Samidoh's wife is very prayerful and that is why she got her husband back. Vero alleged that Samidoh has dumped Karen after asking forgiveness from his family members and fans.

This did not take long before Karen Nyamu replied to her comment saying that they will not raise the child by the road by in the house as you can see below.

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