15-year-old boy, Richmond Dunyon is reported missing today


A fifteen year old boy, Richmond Dunyon is reported missing today 23, April, 2021.

It is really scary nowadays to allow your child to get out there due to how people are getting missing consistently.

Everyday, we come across advertisement for missing people and our security forces has not explain to the citizens of Ghana what actually is the problem.

Is it because the security apparatus of this country is failing the citizenry or the IGP and other security agencies are sleeping on their jobs. The answers to this question is yet to be heard.

Richmond Dunyon is a boy of Fifteen years (15) and has been reported missing after he left the house on Thursday April 22nd, 2021.

He attends Evergreen Field International Basic School.

According to the parents of Richmond Dunyon, he left the house early in the morning on Thursday 22nd April, 2021 after he told his mother that he was going to visit his friends in a nearby house.

Around 6:00 PM in the evening, the parents went to ask of his whereabout from his friends and could not find him there. His friends said that he left there early in the afternoon and said he was going home.

The family and staff of Richmond Dunyon is calling on the general public to be of help and report to any nearby police station, if they get any information about their missing son.

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