Negative Side Effects of Tooth Refilling That You Need To Be Aware of Before Going For It.


Constant sharp toothache which comes from the decay in the inner part of your tooth.This is a sign and symptom of tooth weak tissues.You are advised to do a root canal treatment.

Experiencing a hot and cold sensitivity which occurs when the treated tooth comes into contact with hot or cold food and drinks.If the pain doesn't go way,it is a sign that your nerves have been damaged.

Difficulty and Pain when biting food or touching your teeth together.This happens when chewing food or when your teeths comes into contact with each other.If the pain is persisted ,you are advised to see your dentist for further treatment and medication.

Pain affects the neighbouring teeth after refilling due to the fact that the tooth with filling passes pain signals to it's neighbouring teeth hence causing pain.

Infection and damage-Sometimes after tooth refilling,refilled space may reoccur again hence exposing it to bacteria which gets in and cause more tooth decaying and infections


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