It Ended In Tears For Joburg Cellphone Snatchers As Mayfair Community Beats Them

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8th Street Mayfair JHB. Suspects who snatched a cellphone attacked by community members.

The community members have grown fed up of the criminality that is being perpetrated by these individuals and that is why they have grown to such an extent where they are doing as they please in terms of apprehending the criminals that have to be arrested, The community members were simply concerned about the crimes that are being committed by these suspects because it is alarming.

The suspects roam around their heart and province perpetrating all kinds of criminal activities without really caring about the consequences because they evidently can’t do so and it is a major concern, now the community members have taken matters into their own hands and doled out punishment that is what the suspects deserve and there was nothing that they could really do in order to stop the suspects from perpetrating their crime.

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