Xylophone in the Upper West Region of Ghana


a xylophone is described in WIKIPEDIA as a musical instrument in the percussion family that consists of wooden bars struck by mallet s. Like the glockenspiels the xylophone essentially consists of a set of tuned keys arranged in the fashion of the keyboard of a paino. Each bar is an idiophone tuned to a pitch of a musical scale, whether Pentatonic or heptatonic in the case of many African and Asian instruments, diatonic in many western children's instruments, or chromatic for orchestral use.

Xylophone (Gyil) is a primary instrument use mostly by Dagaara, Lobi, Birifor people in Ghana. Also used by people in Bukina Faso, Cote d'voire

and all over the world.

The Lawra District Located in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

Has produced the Best Xylophonist in Ghana, Africa and the world at Large.

The District is best discribe as the Xylophone hub.

A place where you can get the best Xylophone to buy and equally learn as well.

In a traditional setting the Xylophone (Gyil).

Is used in everything from Weddings, played in Church, Funeral, dances, and every recreational activities.

You can also use it to decorate your living room.🥰

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