Show of Might: Super-Rich MP Unleashed Campaign Truck Worth KES 13M Fitted with CCTV Camera System

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Super-rich South North Rift MP flaunts what is likely the most expensive decorated campaign trailer in the country. The vehicle is outfitted with cutting-edge technology to provide protection, comfort, and efficiency on the campaign trail.

Do-or-Die Battle

The MP seeking a second term has staged a mega campaign to signal a start of a do-or-die contest that will see him battle the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) nominee Julius Ruto.

The vehicle is outfitted with an eight-camera CCTV surveillance system, allowing anyone sitting inside the office to get a real-time report on what's going on outside. Its ceiling is a wonderfully curved gypsum board with various types of lamps generating diverse colours.

The MP stated that the vehicle was purchased and put up at a cost of about KES 13 million. It was designed to make advertising more enjoyable.

Well-Furnished Carrier

The carriage is divided into two sections: the main area, which includes a platform and the whole public address system, and the MP's soundproof office. The office is outfitted with a strong wooden wall, an elegant various beverages cabinet, two TV screens, a food cabinet, comfy leather seats, and a lavatory section with a continual water supply. It also features a crimson carpet covering the whole floor.

Political times in the nation are frequently marked by luxury, with leaders flaunting their power in an attempt to lure voters. Politicians are going all out, from brightly coloured billboards to artistically branded outfits, automobiles, and trucks.

Final Thoughts

"People take campaigns so seriously that they disrespect one other," Dr Mishra added. Politics is a matter of life and death for them. Politics, in my opinion, should not put us under such duress that the situation becomes unpleasant."

The MP, who owns Mediheal Group of Hospitals, said the campaign vehicle and the advanced technology it contains are a symbol of his love for his voters.

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