Red Flag as Gengetone Takes Toll on Eastlands Girls


The street music genre dubbed Gengetone that has gained popularity in the recent past continues to receive backlash from a section of the Kenyans led by the moral cop, Ezekiel Mutua who is the chairman of the Kenya Film Classification Board.

The Moral Cop has been on the watch out and making ‘arrests’ but seems the rising culture is a tsunami that will need a lot more effort to overcome.

Gengetone has held hostage Kenyan airwaves, getting rooted among the Kenyan youth like a cult, and associated with sex and alcohol.

Many parents have been left dumbfounded as their young daughters have deserted their homes to feature in these songs as video vixens, the Nairobi Eastlands estates of Kariobangi, Umoja, Kayole and Dandora the most affected.

With the popularity and peer pressure around these songs, the girls have seemingly resolved not to be left behind, some twerking for cash as some hang around for booze and shisha that are usually present during video productions. For others, a mere appearance is enough for fame among their peers.