2023 Poster Of Buhari For President Spotted On A Vehicle, See What Was Written That Sparked Reactions


2023 Presidential election is very close, Political parties are beginning to look inward for someone with a good profile that will represent them in the race.

A poster surfaces on social media today having the photo of President Mohammadu Buhari as Presidential aspirant under All Progressive Congress in the forthcoming election. This poster is having an inspection "MUNA FATA" , this photo seems to be like a surprise to people especially because it was a sticker pasted on Vehicle.Muna Fata means " "WE HOPE", this means some people are still hoping that President Mohammadu Buhari should continue to rule Nigeria after year 2023.

President Mohammadu Buhari already won the Presidential election and sworn-in twice, definitely he can't contest the Presidency again since Nigeria law did not provide provision for Governors and President to spend more than two terms in the office, meaning the highest they can stay is 8 years.

Although, this can be possible if the House of Representatives and Senate pass it into law. Before now, some Northerners have been clamouring that the President suppose to continue the ruling after 2023 since the Former President, Yar'adua was unable to complete his tenure due to death.

This poster has got many Nigerians reacting, see some reactions below

IIf the Lower and Red chambers can agree to pass it into law that the President can contest for three terms in office, then there are high possibility that President Mohammadu Buhari is going to win the election again. What do you think about this?

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