Preventive Measures Of Sleeping Sickness


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Sleeping sickness is a disease caused by a microscopic parasites of the species trypanasoma Brucei gambiense and trypanasoma rhodesiense. It is usually transmitted by the tsetse fly of glossina species which is found only in rural Africa. It affects the central nervous system which makes it a dangerous disease.

The following are the ways sleeping sickness can be prevented;

1. Always wear long-sleeved shirts of medium weight material in neutral colors that blend with the background environment. Tsetse flies are attracted to bright or dark colors and they can bite through lightweight clothes

2. Inspect vehicles before entering. The flies are attracted to the motion and dust from moving vehicles

3. Lets try and avoid bushes because tsetse flies are less active during hottest part of the day but will bite if disturbed

4. Clearing bushes and tall grasses around homes and dwelling places

5. Use insect repellent to scare away tsetse flies

6. Treat infected persons using suramin, pentamidine or melarsopol

7. And finally, active case finding through population screening, followed by treatment of the infected persons that are identified.

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