These Are 5 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Is Jealous About Your Ex


A time, in a relationship, it is good to have some jealousy. It’s important to stays within boundaries. If you have been with someone for a few years and the relationship seems to be not working well, then it's time to walk away and start over again. And if they made you happy for years, what’s stopping them from making a comeback once they’ve matured a bit? If your current man seems to get upset when you tell him more about your ex. Here are some of the reasons why he's jealous.

1. He's not confident himself

Sometimes it is good your confidence to grow when you meet someone new to you. If you were dating someone who was attractive enough to capture women attention, this might also throw your current boyfriend off guard.

Not many people know that emotional attraction helps build physical attraction, and physical attraction only goes so far in maintaining the relationship.

2. He knows you had a bold connection with your ex

Your current new boyfriend lives within pay cheque. Your ex could actually save money for the future. While your currently partner looking for a new job or unemployed due to the pandemic. If that’s the case, remind your partner that hard work and dedication are what matters, and not necessarily the size of the pay cheque.

3. He saw your old pictures and may be he hasn't take you to any photoshootMany people choose to delete photos of their ex after a breakup, but some people don’t. Even if things never ended well and in good terms with your ex, you have to understand it is a stage in life and everyone has to go through.

4. If your previous relationship was kind commitment and it was a serious relationship

There are a lot of things to compare when someone enters in a new relationship. There are things you will see happening in the new relationship. On the other hand, there will be things you never saw in your previous relationship that now happens with this current boyfriend.


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