Reno Shares Other Important Things You Should Check In Your Partner Before Saying 'Yes I Do'


Most times, people fall out in marriage because they didn't take time to study the entire behaviour of their partner. While they are cognizant of major positives, they tend to neglect the negative aspect of their partner.

Courtship is a period were the both parties study themselves to know if they are compatible. Most times, they concentrate on things like his/her best food, his/her best colour, what the person dislikes and all that but they fail to check one important thing - How they behave when they are angry.

There is a quote which will never die and it is ever useful when in courtship. It goes like this, "Anger reveals the true nature of a person". Before you say 'yes I do' to anybody, it is pertinent to know how that person react when he/she is angry.

In almost all the cases of domestic violence, you'll sometimes hear the woman saying, "he was not like this before". My dear, he has been like that ever since but you didn't take time to study how he behave when his is extremely angry. There are ladies who handles knife or throw any on sight harmful material on their partner when they are angry and many men have died as a result of this.

The popular activist, Reno Omokri agrees to what I am trying to pass on because he said similar thing in one of his daily nuggets. When he was addressing women on the things they should about a man before they marry him he mentioned the anger aspect.

This is what he wrote:

"Dear women, You know his blood type, so you think you’re ready for marriage? If you dont know: How much he earns, How he acts when angry, His personal religious convictions (you may be surprised). Then you neither know him or are ready for marriage"

So, 'how he acts when he is angry' is an important thing you need to check in your partner before you say ' yes I do'