Cake Maker Thrills The World And Hangs Cake Upside Down

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Who doesn't love cake? I'm not sure there's anyone who hates cake, except people who are restricted from eating cake due to a sickness or an allergy.

Cake makers and designers are one of the most talented people in the world because they can design any shape of cake, they could make cakes that look like cars, houses, anything you can think of. Cake designers can be found anywhere but one of the country where you see most talented cake designers is Nigeria.

Another cake designer known as Unyime Bonero Bassey, from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria and also the host of a popular cake exhibition, CakeMania has made and designed a record breaking cake that he hung upside down.

He said that he took the biggest risk of his career by hanging the cake upside down when he could have hung it on a smaller stand because that's what the couple had requested, but because he wanted something more exciting and thrilling, he decided to hang it upside down.

He said that the cake was cut there too and the couple was amazed.

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