Kenyan Based Songstress Shari Afrika Unveils New Single Tuendelee.


Kenyan based singer-songwriter continues her ascent with a new single "tuendelee" after wowing kenyans with a hit song with Trio Mio Serereka

The Kenyan music industry is dominated by the male species and from time to time, we hear of women complaining of being treated differently compared to their male counterparts. This notwithstanding, select female musicians have gone out of their ways to make sure they have a cake in this male dominated field.

Tuendelee is a project that's close to my heart.It intricately depicts situations we go through while navigating our romantic partnerships and relationships and how difficult choices have to be made at some point.

Shari Afrika continue to fight day and night to have her name in the charts, as she entertains us with great music. Shari Afrika adds her flawless vocals to the song and blends well with The voice, taking the song to the next level.

This song was written and performed by Shari Afrika, and produced at Artbeat Music by Producer Brian Robin. Shari Afrika created a video concept inspired by avant garde art, which was beautifully translated by video director Moses "mojo" Ouma.



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