They Will Blow Your Head Off If You Make A Mistake- Captain Smart Warns Criminals


As crime rates rises, Ghanaians have become more apprehensive in their communities. Suggestions have been proffered to curb them, however Captain Smart's stand to be very much persuasive.

On his show on Onua TV this morning, the renowned broadcast journalist argued that criminals would be threatened by the Police if their officers were to be armed and made resident in communities across the country. Though he admitted the ratio of personnel to civilian is low, he believes such measures would help fight crime.

In his remark about how instrumental his suggestion will be, Captain Smart indicated that criminals would be scared off from caring out an operation knowing surely an officer is just minutes away to disrupt their operations. He mentioned that any criminal who attempts a robbery for instance could be destabilized in a minute by an armed personnel even before they could hurt any civilian.

"Imagine if the Police were not living in and around every community. They are scattered across neighborhoods, these criminals dare not fool around. They will blow your heads off if you make a mistake. They will be fully armed. But what we have now is that they are restricted to the barracks and that isn't helping." he said.

Captain Smart suggested that it will be more fulfilling if police personnel are credited with some 30 percent of their salaries to pay for rent so they could move out of the barracks and reside in communities where their presence will be felt most.

"If I was to lead this country, I will offer them 30 percent of their salaries as rent allowance and get them relocate among communities. That will curb crime."

These comments comes on the back of a review of security situation in parts of the country, and especially in respect of the murder of an officer in the bullion van heist.