"Tupatane Kortini." Magoha Tells Those Opposing CBC

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Magoha doesn't seem to be going back any time soon when it comes to the new curriculum.Today during the meeting of the parents association he fiercely defended his stand on the new program.He claimed that he is ready to face those who are opposing the curriculum in court.

"Tupatane Kortini and you will meet me there, believe me when i say I will fully defend my back.Nikisema mpira hautapita basi hautapita.Why don't you leave education for educationists." Magoha stated."

Magoha seems to have been pissed off by those trying to oppose the CBC program.This being one of Uhuru's legacy project in education, the CS wants to be part of the legacy and he doesn't seem to be loosening his rope.

As for now parents can only wait for the courts to decide which way to go.It will only be fair for the matter to be decided by the courts because we are having different opinions from parents.

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