Tallest man in Nigeria VS The shortest man in Nigeria- SEE PHOTOS

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With a mouth widening height of 7 ft '4 inches, Afeez Agoro Olamide was born on the 13th of December 1975. He can hardly go unnoticed due to his gigantic height.

Anyone standing besidd Afeez would feel as though he/she were very short. Afeez's height would make even an averagely tall Nigerian to feel as though they are dwarfs. Afeez is a Nigerian model and also a reality Tv show star.

Afeez was born and grew up in Lagos state, in the city of Saba Yaba,Nigeria. He is also an actor and has featured in few movies.

Below are some of his breath taking photos;

 Speaking on the shortest man in Nigeria,it is quite important to note that GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS HAVE NOT OFFICIALLY NAMED/AWARDED ANY NIGERIAN AS THE SHORTEST MAN IN THE COUNTRY YET.

But few years back photos of a man known as Chinedu Mitchel hit the internet after Abia state's governor's secretaro uploaded some of Chinedu's pictures online.

The pictures were uploaded via facebook, but was shared way past beyond that. Many believed that Chinedu was the shortest man in Nigeria. Chinedu was discovered to be a student of ABSU [Abia State University] where he studied mass communications; here are some of his photos;

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