How to make Lamugine

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Delicious and spicy drink to keep you in the hot weather.



Feeling exhausted and you are in need of something refreshing? Are you tired of carbonated drinks and want to try something new and natural? Prepare Lamugine

Lamugine is a refreshing drink that originated from the Northern part of Ghana.


2 inch Ginger root or 2 tablespoons grated

2 Lime

1 Cinnamon stick

10 Grains of Selim

½ teaspoon Whole Cloves

4 cups Water

Sugar/honey to taste


Wash the ginger root well and mesh into a pot.

Strip the skin off the limes with a blade and cut into quarters. Add into the pot.

Add the cinnamon, cloves and grains of Selim.

Empty the water into the pot and spot it on the hob under medium hotness. Permit the water to bubble, and the flavors to implant. This should take around 10 mins.

Eliminate from hotness; and strain the fluid.

Add sugar/honey and some ice solid shapes to make it chilled.

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