Hundreds To Spend A Night In The Cold After House Demolitions In Malindi


Hundreds of Malindi Residents were left homeless after house demolitions in their area. The demolitions were as result of a land dispute between the residents and one developer. The two parties claim to be the owners of the piece of land. The exercise was done under tight police security as residents protested against the demolitions.

Image: Courtesy

However, residents said that there was no any notice given to them to vacate the land. Police officers from Malindi Police Station had difficult time controlling the protestors who barricaded the Malindi-Tsavo highway. They disrupted transport along the road after lighting fire in the middle of it.

Leaders from the area including Aisha Jumwa have condemned the incident which has since left many with no place to stay. They requested the government to seek alternative ways of solving such conflicts especially during this time when most Kenyans are struggling with Covid-19.

Residents expressed their predicament saying that it will be a difficult time for them as they have no any other place to go.