I have no competition with anyone: Kennedy Agyapong speaks about coming elections

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Kennedy Agyapong has reacted to the election issues that has become one of the current problems in the country. The election is months away from the arguments and points that the supporters of these candidates are trying to prove.

When Kennedy Agyapong’s name came out as one of the names of the people who are interested in vying for the position of a president in the country, he was mocked several times.

People who mocked him are people who did not think he deserves the whole president issue because they think Kennedy Agyapong has had his time in parliament and most of these time has been used to argue with people online.

Others also think he has been very outspoken and has said some unpleasant words on several occasions and this is a problem for him if he wants to become the president he claims he deserves.

Kennedy Agyapong has however reacted to this positively and has surprised his haters with the kind of words he used. Kennedy said, I have no competition with anyone. If you think you deserve something more than someone, then it will surely come to you.

Kennedy was applauded for being simple with his words and choosing a different approach to attacks from not only members but from his colleague politicians who have been chastising him for the past weeks.

Kennedy Agyapong also has support from people who think he deserves the title and this is also because Kennedy has been able to provide jobs and has brought productivity into this country.

When we are talking about job creators, Kennedy Agyapong always becomes one of the people whose names are mentioned because of the kind of jobs he has produced.

These jobs have also employed many people and cut down or reduced unemployment. As a result, if the resources of this country are handed over to him, they think he will be able to put it to good use.

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