Why Chelsea May Fail To Qualify For Champions League Next Season


The race for top four spot is still tight as we edge closer to the end of the 2020/2021 campaign. Different premier league teams are working hard to book themselves a ticket for the champions league spot next season by qualifying for the top four spot.

Chelsea is among the clubs that are fighting for the top four and yesterday they beat Crystal palace 4-1 to get back to their winning ways after a 5-2 defeat last weekend. Despite their top performance yesterday, they may fail to qualify for the champions league spot next season.

One of the main reason for that is the tough fixtures that are ahead of them. They have tough fixtures which includes that against leaders Manchester city, Arsenal and Leicester city. This three teams can denie Chelsea a ticket to the champions league since it will be very hard for them to come out with a point.

Westham who are currently fifty despite having a match in hand will have a better chance of finishing fourth in the premier league considering their top performance in the recent matches. They have been on top form since Jesse Lingard came from Man United this January.

Lingard has been scoring great goals in almost every match which has helped Westham to climb up the table. His top performance can make Westham to finish fourth ahead of Chelsea who have very tough fixtures.

Chelsea are also in different competitions, the champions league and FA cup. This will make the players to get exhausted and fail to focus well in the premier league. Westham may end up finishing fourth ahead of them and this may denie Chelsea a place in the champions league next season.

The only way they can qualify for the champions league is by winning the UEFA cup this season which is also very hard considering there are tough teams still in the competition. They may end up not qualifying for the champions league next season and this will force them to play in the Europa competition.

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