The Ranakas| Dineo Ranaka speaks english to her ancestors during her graduation ceremony

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Do ancestors approve such?


Dineo Ranaka is currently going through her ancestral ceremony, and she is about to graduate to be a qualified traditional healer. While she was seen talking to her ancestors, she used a western language to speak to her ancestors. Which many viewers were shocked to see.

Do the ancestors approve such things to happen? Can they hear western languages especially during the traditional ceremony? Dineo Ranaka is a celebrity and ofcourse she probably spend most of her day speaking english. Did she do the right thing by speaking english?

In my opinion i think here is no problem on speaking English to your ancestors. I think hey can hear any language that is spoked to them. They can feel what you are saying to them by connecting with you by blood. If she did not do the right thing or used the correct language, they would have told her.

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