Opinion: Uhuru's Legacy Depends On BBI


Many of you have been urging me to air my views on the latest developments in regards to BBI and the 2022 succession. Today, I choose to be abit analytical without sounding absurd. The so-called “reggae” is the last card in Uhuru’s hands. It may sound hypothetical but let us uproot the weeds. The one alliance is a blue print of Uhuru’s succession politics but you will bare me witness that none, even those in the alliance, knows where it is headed.

The think tanks behind the scheme are professional schemers because they have found a way of keeping Raila at bay by tying his hands and knitted his loud, noisy and murky opposition mouth with BBI and now the tribal chiefs are boarding the one Kenya alliance without knowing its destiny.

I foretell a scenario where they shall also be tied with a metallic rope, put into one basket, together with their brothers from coast who are currently being lured into believing that a coastal political party is the way without seeing it as a wagon ocastrated to get them into the one Kenya alliance and stem Raila’s influence at the coast, then dunked into Ruto’s basket. You may wish to argue this but figure this out; why are the MPs using delaying tactics on BBI by seeking to amend what they honestly know cannot be amended? Why suspend parliamentary committee meetings and we know they have only up to 18 members while social distancing and other Covid protocols can be attained? Why then is the decision to remove “rival senators” from Jubilee is now being reverted? Anyone with an analytical mind will connect the dots. All in all, the biggest looser here is Raila Amolo Odinga. The BBI celebrations are ending in tears.

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