" These Topics Are For Married People" || Twitter President blasts Mboweni After He Said This.

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Tito Titus Mboweni is a South African politician who served as Minister of Finance of South Africa in the government of President Cyril Ramaphosa from 2018 to 2021. Mboweni was the eighth Governor of the South African Reserve Bank and the first Black South African to hold the post.

Mboweni is well known for his bizarre cooking skills and his unpleasant clothing styles which always lands him in deep trouble on Twitter. However it seems like Mboweni enjoys being the Centre of attention as he tweeted something which got the Twitter president so annoyed and ended up grilling him big time.

Yesterday Mboweni posted a picture of a young beautiful woman who was serving dinner to her husband with respect by kneeling down while giving a plate. So Mboweni made a huge mistake by saying that what the woman is doing is unacceptable and because it's old principles and gender equality struggles.

“This is unacceptable in today’s world: political, cultural, sociological, people-to-people, ideological, or in terms of gender equality struggles!,” he wrote.

That's when the president lost his cool and blasted Mboweni, telling him he should leave matters of people who are dating because he's single, that's why he's against what the woman in the picture is doing. The president also blasted Mboweni because of his bizarre cooking styles, telling him to go and put some green papers in the colon of a chicken because it's the only thing he's good at.

He wrote :“First of all you don't have a wife. These topics are for married people. They understand the meaning of this in marriage.Wena continue noku faka garlic ne green pepper ndidiniwe chicken.”

After seeing this, a lot of people went to laugh at Mboweni, and others were saying that he should reconsider deactivating his Twitter account to avoid being blasted once again. It seems like last night would have been the worst night of his life as people see dragged his ex wife into this situation, saying that she might have left him for cooking rubbish.

See how people reacted to this tweet below :


I think that those people on Twitter are right about Mboweni, Mboweni must leave Twitter, maybe he will learn to relax and look for a wife, so that she can clean him up and look more stylish.

What's your view about this matter? Are you in support of Mboweni or the black Twitter PRESIDENT? Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section.



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