Signs That She Only Loves You


If your lover loves you.You can easily know by just observing her behavior towards you.But her telling you that she loves you is not enough because saying I love you is a word which can be said by anyone.So love comes from the heart and not from the mouth.Below are some signs which will proof to you that she loves you from the heart and she has no any other lover.

1.She feels shy to tell you that she loves you.

Many ladies who truly loves someone finds it difficult to tell their lover that she loves him.Instead she keeps on showing shyness when she is with her lover especially if they had not stayed together for long in relation.

2.She always needs your company.

If she really loves you she will like your company and keeps on calling you every time when she is free but if she dont she will always say she is busy even if she is free.So if she keeps on saying that she is busy everytime you tell her you need to meet her then dont wait to be told that its over instead go out of that relation.

3.She has life vision about you and her.

Many ladies who are seriously in love will want to know much about their lovers dreams.Also she will want to plan with you about tommorow of their life.