Wakisaidiwa Hawasaidiki: Kenyans React As Uhuru's Look Alike Resurfaces In Bad Shape


A few months ago Michael Gitonga became a topic of discussion and shot into the limelight due to his striking resemblance to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Gitonga attracted the attention of various stakeholders who came out to help him.

A lot of brands dedicated their resources to turn his life around and give him a better life.

After basking in the limelight for a while, Gitonga faded away and the internet forgot about him.

Recent reports indicate that all has not been well for him despite receiving a lot of resources from various brands.

In an interview with freelance journalist and YouTuber Carolina Carolina Njeri Carlz, it emerged that Gitonga had backslid to a bad shape.

He had reportedly become a drunkard and lost almost everything that he had gained during his moment of fame.

He, however, agreed to be admitted to a rehabilitation center and seemed to be committed to quitting alcohol.

Kenyans expressed varied reactions towards the story.

Here are some of the thoughts as expressed by Kenyans on social media;

cintahquenel: Wakisaidiwa hawasaidiki kwani wakenya huwa wanataka aje aaai

425.lu: Who in their right mind went and gave him a car

j.e.n.n.if.a_: Next time you want to help someone give home a long lasting investment or job. I saw this coming but ile matusi nili pewa. To my point this guy is broke sort him out with a permanent job, depression ni kukosa pesa hata ya mboga

lovell3264: We busy rewarding drunkards instead of our heroes

agkim99: Good question. The society tries to put them in a class that they don't belong.Nature has placed them in their rightful class.

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