Ramaphosa Versus Zuma's Sons Which Ones Are Politically Smart? Opinion

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Above are Jacob Zuma's sons Duduzani and Edward, below are Cyril Ramaphosa's sons, Andile and Tumelo.

For most of you, we know that our current president has got the sons most of us we know only Tumelo Ramaphosa and Andile Ramaphosa. At sometime we saw Tumelo a bit close with Duduzani Zuma, when they were doing the cryptocurrency business. Maybe they clicked because of age.

I don't know what went wrong Tumelo and Duduza, according to reports, Tumelo was once in trouble for calling Duduzani a fool. They were about to take each other because of that, yet their current president's said he does not condone the behaviour of his son, but he is an adult, he can answer for himself.

Then we have got Jacob zuma's sons Duduzani Zuma and Edward Zuma, these are the ones that we normally hear about most. Remember the Duduzani is showing his interest in the political activities, since that the former president is now old. It looks like he wants to take over from his father's ambitions.

Edwards became famous only now during the case of his father, when he was threatening people that no one should arrest his father, they will have to kill him first. So what do you think between Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa sons which ones are the smartest?

What do you think between these ones, they can take South Africa forward? or are they fit to lead the Nation or to take over their fathers ambitions for the betterment of our people. Even if they don't become president but they have some crucial or big positions in the Parliament, who do you think is smart enough to change things for our nation, just a comment below.

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