Headteacher Urges Parents to be Vigilant


Cases of children school going missing and being abducted have been on the rise in the country.

Speaking to the press during the ECDE pupils graduation event that held yesterday at Bungoma DEB Primary School,the head teacher, Tobias Khisa,urged parents to be vigilant on their children as abduction cases in the country are on alarming rate.

"I urge parents to be close to their children while at home after the closure of the school in order to ensure are safe", the school head said.

He advised parents to ensure the Bodaboda riders who carry their children to school or market place are familiars in order to avoid abduction incidents.

Mr Khisa said there is need parents to instill good morals to their children as a way of maintaining good discipline in them.

He also decried the increased teenage pregnancies amid COVID-19 pandemic in Bungoma county,saying parents should play their role appropriately to ensure their children are protected well.

He revealed that the registration if grade one pupils is on progress and being done via online.

"We are ready to receive the grade one pupils starting 26th July 2021 . Registration is being done via online and our target on next term to have more than 200 grade one pupils", he said.

He cited that the school which has more than 3000 pupils is grappling with the shortages if classrooms, saying there is a dire need ministry of education to come to their aid and ensure the challenge s are solved.

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