More details about the death of Ndoni Mcunu are revealed by report

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About a month ago, the country got shocked by the news that popular researcher and Climate scientist Ndoni Mcunu had sadly passed away, she and her lifelong friend of 20 years, S'phumelele Mnomiya passed away on the same day.

The two friends died in separate beds at the Cradle Boutique Hotel in Krugersdrop. The incident occurred after the went on a vacation on easter weekend.

It was revealed that the two friends died as a result of a suspected gas leak at the Cradle Boutique Hotel during their trip in the long weekend, last month.


An investigation about their death was conducted and some new information came to light, According to the source, A preliminary report into the death of the friends has suggested that they were given an outdoor heater to inside their hotel tent.

Furthermore, they were not given a manual on how to used the heater.

The source revealed that that the heater was designed for outdoors but in this instance it was used inside a tent where ventilation is restricted, which could be a contributing factor under iverstigation.

However, A final report is to be completed in 90 days.


It is unfortunate that the friends passed away in what was supposed to be a fun trip of two friends, a trip that ended in such tragedy. In such cases who is at fault and how will this be handled?


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