Uhuru Sparks Laughter With Remarks On High Births Among Soldiers

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As he presided over the this year's Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Day at Kahawa Garrison in the afternoon of today on October 16th, President Uhuru Kenyatta was amazed by among other things the "increase in birthrate" among our soldiers and couldn't keep quiet about it.

The President who was coming from commissioning a newly built health facility at the Kenyatta University Teaching and Referral Hospital had a brief speech that was direct to the point as he honoured our soldiers for keeping our borders safe, and used the opportunity to also say that he was impressed by a large number of children that had attended the function.

This increase in the number of children in attendance made him believe that maybe the existing 10pm-4am curfew was a contributing factor to an increase in the birthrate and he therefore suggested that maybe it should remain effective for a bit longer.

"I want to send my honour and gratitude to our soldiers and also thank their families for giving them support and encouragement to keep doing their job, that's keeping our country safe," he started.

He then added that "na vile nimeona hapa leo Kahawa, inaonekana hii curfew lazima iendelee. You've really filled this place with lots of children."

"Wacha hii curfew iendelee bana. We want Kenya to go in that direction. We want more children!" He said sparking laughter before leaving the podium.

The KDF Day is observed annually to celebrate acts of valor and gallantry by the Kenya Defense Forces as well as honour those soldiers that died defending this country.

This year's commemoration marks the 10th anniversary since Kenya started observing KDF Day in 2011, the year that Kenyan troops entered Somalia in pursuit of al-Shabaab terrorists under the Operation Linda Nchi.

Watch him speak at minute 2:00 of the video in the link below.


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