Deputy President William Ruto Speaks of Women Empowerment in Nyali Constituency

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As the politics of the coming 2022 general elections heat up in the country,most of the political leaders and especially those who are aspiring to become the next president of kenya are moving from one part of the country to the other in search of votes and support towards the elections.

Today,the deputy president Doctor William Ruto during his tour to the coast met with the residents of Nyali constituency at the Kongowea market where he majored in the women empowerment.

The deputy president said that he is ready to fight for the women of Kenya.He said that a larger percentage of women are. Hustlers and that he is ready to make their hustling less tiresome by empowering them.

He said that his government is going to make sure that the Women of Kenya have the capability to feed their families as well as educate their children as their husbands do.

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