Majesty Bahati And Naseeb Junior's Gorgeous Hairstyles


Plaiting for boys was one of the most rare thing that a parent would do to his or her child. Most traditions took it as an activity that should only be done to girls. Additionally, no learning institution would grant admission to any boy who had his hair plaited.

Nowadays,so many private schools have no problems with a boy having a long or plaited hair so long as it is neat and maintained to the level of the School's standards.

Most celebrities have decided to apply the trending hairstyle fashion to their kids. For instance, Bahati and Diamond Platnumz. They have done so to their hair and also decided to the same with their kids.

Have a look at Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna's son hairstyles.

He is still young and as he grows we are sure of seeing a lot of beautiful plaited hairstles on his head.

On the other side is Diana Marua and Bahati's son Majesty Bahati. Have a look at his varried hair styles.

They both look gorgeous with their plaited hair. Here are photos of the two parents with their kids.

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