Accident In Lavington Green, Involves Matatu And Mercedes G-Wagon

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Another sad news just in where an accident is reported at Lavington Green involving a Matatu and a Mercedes G-Wagon in a head on collision. This is very sad indeed since the number of new accident cases are gradually rising up.

It is evident that no day can just pass peacefully without the country losing its citizens through accidents. Even though when such incidents occur, all blames are directed to the driver with claiming that most of drivers tend to drive influence of something either drugs are deliberately ignoring the traffic policies.

Humbly requesting all road users and drivers, please just drive safely avoid rushing, out overspeeding and overtaking where there is no space.

Many Kenyans are losing their lives, beloved ones and even relatives via bad accidents. My question is , what should be done so that such bad News stop making headlines with deaths on roads, so that cases reduce?

Kindly share your opinions on what can be done so that such incidents reduces and arrive safely.

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