Wangui Ngirici's Late-night Post Attracts Mixed Reactions From Kenyans Online


Kirinyaga County Women Representative Hon Wangui Ngirici's powerful post has triggered online reactions from Kenyans as they cheered her "touching" and inspirational message.

In her post, MP Ngirici lauded a strong biblical verse which teaches on the importance of sharing with the needy especially when one has power to do so.

"Please don't...Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it's your power to help them. Proverbs 3:17," quoted Ngirici.

The MP further echoed how blessed are the ones who provide bread to the poor as the bible promises on God's multiplication assurence.

"Generous hands are blessed hands because they give bread to the poor. Proverbs 22:9," stated the lawmaker.

Additionally, to reiterate on the high need to help, Wangui Ngirici penned down an example as she asked Kenyans to play a good role model as a way impacting the lives of others.

"If your friend needs 200 and you have 1000 don't hesitate to help them could be that is your unlocking key to multiplication. Touch a life today." Ngirici added.

Wangui Ngirici's powerful message has attracted several reactions as some Kenyans cheered her for the good heart of giving as well as the inspirational piece.

Some of the reactions are as shown below:


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