He cannot finish his food without giving me meat/fish to eat" - Chizzy Alichi praise hubby

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Popular Nigerian film actress, model and entrepreneur, Chigozie Stephanie Alichi who is professionally known as Chizzy Alichi has taken to her social media to flaunt her husband.

She praised God for giving her what she referred to as a better husband.

In a post on her official Instagram page, the 27 years old Nigerian actress explained that her husband always treats her like he is her father when they are eating. She said that her husband cannot finish his food without giving her either fish or meat, just like her father used to do.

Chizzy Alichi praised God for giving her a better husband, whom she referred to as a king, and she also promised to love and cherish him every day.

Chizzy Alichi is married to a certain Chike Ugochukwu Mbah, who is described as an astute businessman, movie producer, director, and philanthropist.

He is said to be involved in various businesses including importation and exportation, and he has also invested in land and other properties in different parts of the country.

Available records show that they got married on the 26th of December, 2019 in Imo State, and they are yet to have any children. Their love seems very strong as she always sings praises of her husband on her social media page.

Article and photos source: Chizzy Alichi Instagram page.

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