Mamkhize stylist shows his AMG C63 and gets dragged for it

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Shaun Stylist shows off his tainted charcoal Mercedes Benz AMG C63 and takes the passenger for a drive, so that he can have an experience of how it feels being in the vehicle. It is now one of the most loved cars in the entire globe, but then his good moments with the car are not received with much congratulations.


He was bashed for his car that already has a cracked windscreen, and they are not focusing on the good part for the man who is the same age as South Africa's freedom from the apartheid regime. He is living a tremendous lifestyle without a doubt, and it is not everyone who is going to have good wishes for his big achievement.


His screen is cracked but he is having a beautiful and attractive car. The bad thing about it will be when he gets pulled over by traffic police to inspect the car if it is in good condition to be on the road or if it is roadworthy. He should get it fixed before he gets himself a huge fine to pay.

He has been making headlines recently, and those moments are coming from himself just being able to enjoy life. For him, being associated or working with Shuan Mamkhize is a wonderful blessing because it got him a beautiful lifestyle and he is happier than he ever was before.



1. King: I already have a cracked windshield.

2. Saneli: This car was white before. He took it to Paul Maleke, a guy who wraps cars, and that is why the colour is now charcoal.

3. Jays: Wrapping a car is the same as taking it for a panel beating. They strip it down.

4. Karabelo: This guy is living a good life, and it is a fact no one can deny.

5. Mlondie: Be smart about that money, because the moment he falls out of the Mamkhize family, he is going to have nothing left.


6. Tshepo: Shaun the stylist is focused. Imagine people complaining that he is always at Mamkhize's house.

It is amazing to have good times and people will simply not be happy about it. He is not amused by the dragging on social media, and he continues to live his own lifestyle without hesitation.

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